My name is Martin and I'm a 32 year old fine art photographer from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

My work is mostly of a certain abstract, minimalistic and geometrical nature including strong leading lines and shapes. To a large part my work incorporates urban themes such as architecture and street photography. Nevertheless you'll also find some other things I feel like at the moment. 

Martin Dietrich-5708.jpg

Occupationally I’m trapped in a world of numbers and clauses. Somehow captivated by photography ever since, I started taking photos in 2009 to escape this state of facts and figures for a moment while exploring my creative alter ego.

Roaming my hometown Frankfurt, Germany with a camera nearly every day gradually opened my eyes for lines and perspectives. Clearly fascinated by minimalism and abstraction, my view on urbanity tries to reveal unfamiliar impressions of familiar environments.

Despite appreciating the benefits of digital photography, I am fascinated by film photography just as well. When I started with photography in 2009, I took a simple Pentax ME and 10 rolls of films to a trip to Paris. Shooting these 10 rolls infected me. A large part of my work is shot on medium format film. 

When I have no camera in hand, I am into listening and discovering music, reading and supporting my local football team in home and away games all over germany and europe. But most of all I enjoy sharing my life with my lovely wife.

In February 2014 I realized a live-long dream of mine and founded NEOPRIME International Fine Arts Label together with my fellow Marius Vieth. The Website launched in May 2014. We are more than curious where it will take us. In 2015, we created our very own fine art photography magazine. Published by Neoprime, I'm the designer, editor & curator.