Forgotten Future: Urban Abstractions with iPhone 6


I've been busy in the city and on my way I noticed that it was quite misty around the skyscrapers in Frankfurt. This is perfect conditions for my project called "Urban Abstractions". 

Unfortunately I left my camera at home. But fortunately I had my iPhone 6 ready. If you're following my work you probably know that I'm into iPhone photography a lot.

All were shot with iPhone's Camera App. Processed with VSCOcam (x3 preset for most of them). I adjusted brightness and contrast, added more grain and a touch of sharpness in VSCO as well. Straightened (slightly, not that much) with iPhone's photos app.

The concept accomplished in this shot is actually not new to me (Urban Abstractions Series). I knew the spot and went straight to it.

I achieve these perspectives by going very close to these high-rise buildings. By close I mean VERY close. My iPhone actually touches the surface of the building, lens pointing to the sky. As these shots are, thanks to the perspectives, very abstract anyway I try to enhance abstraction by post processing further more. In this case by overblowing the sky and loosing details in the dark parts. For the sky I didn't had to do much because of the mist I talked about in the beginning.

So here's some iPhone photography again. Processed with VSCOcam on the phone. iPhone only, no additional processing.


Forgotten Future


Forgotten Future II


Forgotten Future III


Forgotten Future IV