A selection of works that have no theme

Most of my work, wether it's architecture or street photography, is of a certain abstract and minimalistic kind. Sometimes I take a break, change my point of view and focus and do stuff that I feel like taking at the very moment, no worries about a theme or a certain style. This gallery is a small collection of these works.


Queensboro Visions IV - Get Your Print


The View II - Get Your Print

Wired - Get Your Print


Urban Patchwork II - Get Your Print


Urban Patchwork - Get Your Print

Apparent Motif - Get Your Print


NYC Minimal Skyline - Get your Print


Stream Of Light I


Contemplating André Wagner

Rooms Filled With Light


Paris: Analogue Abstractions Pt. I


Paris: Analogue Abstractions Pt. II - Get Your Print


Once Upon A Time

One Minute Of Manhattan


Kirchsee I


Frame XI