Real Moments: frozen in time forever

Street Photography is a genre I'm deeply interested in. I'm fascinated by the profoundness of a good street photograph. It's an image of the reality, a real moment frozen in time forever and yet offers so many different interpretations, stories and meanings. Street Photography is by no means artificial, it's the real world, with real characters and real moments. 


Leaving Darkness Behind


Leaving Darkness Behind II

Love & Light


Lines, Shadows, Geometry


At The End Of The Day

City Of Echoes II


Yellow On Red Cobblestone


It Will Rain For A Million Years

Waiting For The Sun To Shine


The Floating World II


The Struggle

Of Light, Shadows And The Police




Urban Awakening III

Of Light, Shadows And A Stranger


I've Set My Watch To The Atomic Clock


Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness

Of Light, Shadows And A Briefcase


The Remains Of The Day


Hallways And Light

Finally We Are No One




Leaving The Frame